Littletux Networked Audio Player

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Description:   Audio Player MP3 & FLAC feature remote control via Web Interface or PDA. MySQL backend instant selection of tracks,playlists,genre. Search Feature. Party Jukebox, ALSA based can use TosLink/SPDIF for Hi-Q audio. 1-click add to playlist. Skinable!

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MediaBox Project This project is an effort to create a simple and sympathic MP3 audio player written in Java. If you like music, Java or is looking for a good and well-documented project to work on, you've just found it! Feel free to download MediaBox right now!

RioPlay - Audio player for Rio Receiver RioPlay is a replacement player application for the Rio Receiver and clones such as the Dell Digital Audio Receiver. Our goal is to support playback of MP3 and possibly OGG files as well as streaming media.

CYNAPSYS MEDIA PLAYER Embedded audio player controlled by IR, wifi and bluetouth (project made by cynapsys embedded system team) support all audio formatoptimised for embedded applicationscontrolled by IR, wifi and bluetouthreceive files with wifi or bluetouth

Creative CD - Skinnable CD Audio Player! Creative CD - Is an Advanced, Free Open Source CD Audio Player For Windows 95 and Later... Creative CD Was Originally Created in 2002.Creative CD Contains the Following Features:Features:- basic CD player functions (Play, Stop, Pause. Rev. Forw, Eject, Etc ...)- volume control ( CD ...

Future Composer audio player An audio player library and plug-ins for Audacious, GStreamer, XMMS, or BMP, which can decode Future Composer music files from AMIGA. Two key features that have been implemented are songlength detection and forward/backward seek.

Fox Audio Player Simple and cross-platform music player. Automatically builds playlists based on the content of the folder selected from the dir browser. Supports various file types from digital audio to old videgame music using external libraries for decoding. file browserautomatic playlistchip music (c64, atari, gameboy, amiga)MSN Now ...

GNU digital audio player GNUdap is a project to build an userspace driver to interface with proprietary-protocol usb mp3 players and mass storage devices. Currently GNUdap supports the following devices from Perstel,Inc. CHIC MP10, MP30, Symphony and the NGS Jogger from NGS.

Jamp - a java powered audio player A shared audio player powered by pure java. You can run it under different operating system environments.

Mpxplay audio player Mpxplay is a small and fast DOS (Disk Operating System) based 32-bit audio player with text based GUI. Supported file-formats: AAC,AC3,APE,DTS,MP2,MP3,MP4/M4A,MPC,OGG,WAV and CD player/ripper.Supported soundcards: SB Live/Audigy,CMI,VIA,SB16,ESS,GUS,WS

Trave Audio Player Trave " TRAvelling waVE " is an Audio Player capable of playing audio files. The Player will be developed in C using gstreamer framework. GUI will be created using gtk. Trave will be developed on UNIX variants operating system .

LittleHelper LittleHelper is a tools collection for a lot of purposes.Here is a list of the features it can (should ) do:- Do a nightly cvs backup of given directories. ( Maybe on diffrent hosts )- Copy, install, remove, update software on diffrent hosts.- Cr

Live Boinc UOB (Ubuntu / Openbox / BOINC) is an operating system installed on a CD-ROM, DVD, or USB.Live Boinc UOB allows starting boinc on a PC. Even if it contains no HDD.

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